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Ons Heemecht Book Club


As we do every month, our book club meets up to discuss their current reading. This month, we transport you to Colombia for Hector Abad's book 'Oubli que nous serons' (original 'El Olvido que seremos').

Assemblée générale Ons Heemecht


On 18.03, our association will hold its annual general meeting. If you would like to attend, please let us know before March 12.

March newsletter


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Visit of the Minister of Culture


Yesterday, we shared a lovely moment with the Minister of Culture Eric Thill at our end-of-year party! During a brief meeting, we presented our missions and projects, followed by a tour of the premises, and exchanged views on future collaborations.

Cooking workshop 21.10


A look back at October's cooking workshop.

October Newsletter


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Book club 1st session


The first session of our book club took place last week.

September Newsletter


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We're hiring!


"Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen" a.s.b.l. is hiring an Executive Officer.

August Newsletter


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5th edition · 2x2 Dialogues


Reflections on an artistic workshop on the Japanese print-making technique, riso.

Asylum in Luxembourg: IV


Key figures: 2022



03.03.2023 @ Trifolion, Echternach



Press release.

Ukraine: country profile


Keep up with key statistics on the Ukrainian refugee situation across Europe.

Chess-Stars classes


Today was our first chess event. Once a month, and in collaboration with Chess-Stars Luxembourg as well as the Social Commission of the Internal Chess Federation

We are looking for volunteers


You are looking for volunteering opportunities but don't know where to start? Lead a hike or a walk in Mersch for a group of refugees and luxemburgish residents and contribute to intercultural dialogue in Luxembourg.

Ons Heemecht @ SHUK


Last month we went to the SHUK (Structure de l'Hébergement d'Urgence Kirchberg), where all the Ukrainian refugees are currently arriving

Ukrainians, welcome!


In an ideal world, our work would be unnecessary, and intercultural dialogue a self-evident reality. In such a world, relationships between countries and cultures would be based on mutual understanding and exchange on a human

Fest vun der Heemecht 2021


The Fest vun der Heemecht, is a Luxembourgish evening that shows that our language is there to build bridges, not to separate people

Early evenings @Mudam


Once a month, we organise visits to the Musée d'Art Modern - Mudam, in Luxembourg. During 1h30 a mediator from the museum guides us through the current exhibition in a very participatory way.

Intercultural Jam Session in a refugee structure


End of September, we hosted our first intercultural jam session since 2019 inside a foyer and it was really lovely.

We're hiring!


We're opening up a new, freelance position to help run our intercultural outings and workshops to help refugees meet locals. Read more here.

Green Summer: activities with LISKO


Ecology and a more sustainable lifestyle are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. For this reason, Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen has joined forces with LISKO

2 X 2 Dialogues on William Kentridge


The 2 X 2 Dialogues project brings together 4 refugees and 4 Luxembourg residents

Asylum in Luxembourg: part 2


The year 2020 overall had less asylum applications due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A major change was that Venezuela made it into the top 5 nationalities of asylum seekers in Luxembourg. Click on the visual to learn more about how many asylum claims were...

Country profile: Eritrea


This week’s country profile looks at the country of origin of a significant number of refugees and asylum seekers here in Luxembourg: Eritrea. Also referred to as the “North Korea of Africa,” this country is rife with typical characteristics of a...

A heartfelt thank you for your support!


We thank you a lot for your support during this year, and wish you happy holidays and a great start to new year.

Asylum in Luxembourg: 2019


What were the main countries of origin of asylum seekers in Luxembourg in 2019? How many asylum seekers were awarded refugee status last year? These questions will help shape your understanding of the local refugee context. Find the answers in the fact...

Refugee integration explained


The word “integration” as it pertains to refugees is commonly used often without a critical understanding of what it actually means. Popular opinion often argues that it is the degree to which refugees adapt to host societies, by way of customs and...

The global refugee context


Afin de sensibiliser la population à la situation mondiale sur la migration ainsi que les aspects de la vie des réfugiés, nous lançons les #fridayfacts, des fiches descriptives qui sortent les vendredis et qui donnent des aperçus, des chiffres clés...

Refugee protection in Luxembourg


“Refugees live off of our tax money and take advantage of our system.” You might have heard this stereotype before. What does an asylum seeker actually receive in terms of monthly support? What rights do asylum seekers have, from the perspectives of...


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