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Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen is a grassroots NGO that was founded in 2015 when a large number of refugees suddenly arrived in Luxembourg. Initially a volunteer-led initiative, a program of intercultural activities quickly emerged to support refugees’ cultural integration and to create opportunities to meet locals. In our experience, we’ve found that cultural workshops and artistic expression are excellent vehicles to facilitate verbal and non-verbal communication amongst different communities.

Ever since, we’ve collaborated with artists, musicians, designers and other cultural actors. We are co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, foundations, and private donations.

See our annual report here: 2021.

See our annual report here: 2020.




Theatre & artistic workshops

Artistic expression is a universal means to communicate, in which one can surpass limitations of language. With the support of local artists and actors, theatre and artistic workshops bring people together from various communities to express themselves non-verbally. No experience necessary!

Project coordination
Project & Communications Manager
Maida Halilovic

Cultural Programming & Project Management
Patricia Abdelnour

Community Development
Sarah Ketema
Board Members
  • Serge Tonnar (President)
  • Martine Wiltzius
  • Christiane Krecké
  • Mischel Donven
  • Rita Neu
  • Sabine Tonnar
  • Arend Herold
  • Nathalie Simon
  • Promote Luxembourgish values, customs, practices and culture in a spirit of exchange with refugee cultures
  • Create moments of cultural enjoyment and relaxation
  • Cultivate impressions of Luxembourg as a host society by facilitating access to cultural offers
  • Promote social inclusion
  • Reinforce social cohesion
  • Create lasting connections and sustainable partnerships

… And all the wonderful volunteers and artists who support our projects!